Poppies deducted three points

Mar 2nd, 2012

The Conference wielded its big stick again and this time Kettering Town were deducted three points for failing to pay creditors. In a statement the Football Conference said: “Whilst acknowledging some creditors have been paid, the club has been unable to evidence it has fully achieved this requirement.”

The club, who were also fined £3,000 for the offence in January, are facing a winding-up petition in April, after HM Revenue & Customs’ initial attempt to close the club was deferred. In a statement Kettering said: “Those currently running the club are naturally disappointed that, despite being able to pay a number of outstanding football creditors, and coming to agreement with the remaining fit players at the club, there still remained some claims from football creditors (some disputed) which were unable to be dealt with within the time span. The situation was further exacerbated by claims to the Football Conference from former employees which were not made clear to us within the time frame.”

“I’m trying not to focus on the points deduction,” caretaker boss Ashley Westwood told BBC Radio Northampton. “It’s just another mountain we’re going to have to climb and I’m sure we’re strong enough and confident enough to put it behind us. It seems like everything’s against us at the moment but sometimes you can make those things work for you and that’s what we’re going to try to do.”