Poppies home fixture with Bideford postponed, future uncertain

Oct 13th, 2012

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Following Tuesday night’s fixture away to Leamington being postponed by the Southern Football League after Kettering Town were unable to field a team, this Saturday’s fixture at home to Bideford has also been postponed, this time the reason was due to the lack of power at Nene Park. This disruption of fixtures cannot continue and it will surely not be long before the Southern League runs out of patience with the beleaguered club and takes it’s own actions.

The spiraling downhill continues at an alarming pace and it looks like the end is close for the ailing football club. Financial problems threaten to bring matters to a head on Monday if the outstanding CVA payment (believed to be £3,000) is not met. Bills haven’t been paid and wages have not been met, meaning an exodus of players adding to the financial crisis as the club can no longer field a full team. The FA does it’s usual sterling job of ensuring chaos reigns by pouring fuel on the fire with a player embargo on the club and no doubt working out what the next fine and or penalty they will dish out to a club already unable to meet it’s current financial commitments.

Kettering have a Red Insure Cup match scheduled for Tuesday night at home to Arlesey Town and understandably the Southern League want assurances from Kettering that they can fulfill the fixture. It’s difficult to see any way that the club can resolve all the necessary problems in time for that match to go ahead and it could well become a mute point if Monday’s deadline on making good of the owed CVA payment proves to be the final straw that brings the once proud club to an ignominious end.