Departures continue at financially troubled Kettering Town

Sep 27th, 2012

Ed Palmer is the latest player to depart financially troubled Kettering Town following in the footsteps of Ben Gerring and assistant manager Dean Greygoose earlier this week. It’s entirely understandable that they should put their families first after the pay issues that caused an embargo last season have started again, leaving them in an impossible position.

Ben Gerring had already spoken about not receiving full pay this month and given the precedent set last season by the club it’s unsurprising that there is no trust that the situation will be remedied in a short time period.

Palmer confirmed his departure on twitter: “All the best to everyone at #ktfc hope everything can be sorted for players and fans! On to the next step for me.” Goalkeeper Laurie Walker confirmed the players had been paid in full in August but not this month and for him and defender Phil Ifil, who were at the club through last season’s wages debacle, the feeling is one of deja vu.

It was also reported in the ET “majority shareholder Imraan Ladak revealed in today’s Northamptonshire Telegraph that a new potential investor has come forward and that discussions are ongoing.” However, the vast majority of Poppies supporters are quite rightly skeptical about any such announcements and will understandably reserve their enthusiasm until a deal has actually been confirmed and the ‘new investor’ is revealed.